Leatt DBX Mountain Lite 2.0 Hydration System

Hydration DBX Mountain Lite

I used to find it hard to get excited about bags and rucksacks until I realized what they represented. A bag that fits snuggly against your back and that keeps your things safe even when you’re jolting around is theultimateaddition to your adventures. This means you can now take your items with you whether you’re hiking or mountain biking, which in turn means that you can spend more time doing the things you love – without letting things like hydration and technology weigh you down. It becomes your mobile command center!

So how does the Hydration DBX Mountain Lite measure up to all that? Is it an ideal MTB hydration pack?

Description and Features

The first thing that strikes you about this hydration pack is its small footprint. This is a thin and light bag that you almost don’t feel on your back – exactly as it should be. Despite the thin size though, you get ample water here. In fact, it has a two liter bladder!

Somehow, like Dr Who’s Tardis, this thing seems to be bigger on the inside. That’s because italsofits a one liter luggage compartment so you can throw in a smartphone, a book to read from atop a mountain or even a laptop.

The shoulder straps ensure that this stays comfortable even as the weight goes up, while the mesh construction provides plenty of ventilation as is common in any good MTB ventilation pack. There’s even space to attach your helmet and neck brace – the company has thought of everything.


Leat DBX Mountain details
Overall, this is one of the most feature-rich MTB hydration packs we’ve ever seen. It manages to stay light and comfortable – not to mention attractive – while providing space for everything you could need. A great choice for mountain bikers that want to ride more often and for longer.

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