Top 4 Budget MTB Camelbak

Finding a high-quality mountain bike hydration pack is pretty easy if you are willing to fork out a few hundred dollars. We are going to over something a lot of websites won’t, the cheapest of the cheap for budget minded mountain bike riders.

Mountain bike CamelBak’s go through hell and back and tend to get the worst of our abuse. Sometimes we just need a quick replacement handy or a backup around for when our $100+ Mavic Crossmax Hydropack 15 fails. Below is a list of the best cheap budget-friendly mountain biking hydration alternatives.

4. SWINGING TREE – Lightweight Hydration Camelbak

The smallest and the cheapest on our list the Swinging Tree Camelbak cost’s between $14-$18 and weighs in at 11.2 oz’s. This pack has a very sleek minimal look but its biggest downside is no extra straps or pockets. This is still a great buy for enduro riders that are adamant about not carrying any un-needed items.

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3. GRESAHOM – Hydration Camelbak with 2L/70 Oz

This hydration pack is great for mountain biking and comes in at between $14-$20 dollars. The backpack has adjustable chest straps and can carry 2 litters or 70oz of water. There is one decent sized compartment in front along with minimal straps to attach helmets or other gear to. Like most Camelbaks in this price range, there is going to be some small leakage but should hold up for most trail riding.

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2. MUSETECH – Hydration Pack with 2L MTB Backpack

The muse tech Hydration system cost between $15-$20 dollars which is the reason it ranks so highly on our list. This is really your typical CamelBak at half the cost. This Camelbak comes with very minimal straps and compartments but has enough to get the job done.  With the price and simplicity of the Camelbak its hard not to have one laying around for last minute trips to the mountains.

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1. Unigear – Tactical Hydration Pack Backpack

Earning the number one spot is the Unigear tactical hydration pack. This Camelbak really shines for under $50 dollars while looking good and being incredibly durable. This Camelbak camo in digital beige camo, black and tan and sports a very tactical look with several hook points to hang gear from.

The biggest highlights of this pack is the durability and extra space it provides, allowing your everyday carry items to fit in the bag along with a few extra’s that are sure to help for long rides. This Camelpak sports a variety of features that the rest of the paks on our list have which include padded straps, 2.5 Liter BPA free bladder and large mouth for refill.

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