Best MTB Gloves of 2016 Fox Head Men’s Bomber Glove

Fox Head Men’s Bomber Glove Review

These are high quality premium gloves for mountain bikers that aim to offer style, comfort and superior grip when you’re hurtling down the side of a mountain on two wheels. The gloves certainly look the part but do they deliver in terms of performance… are they the best MTB gloves?

Product Overview

The Fox Head Men’s Bomber Gloves immediately catch the eye with a very mean looking black and red colorscheme and a thick, textured finished. The main body of the gloves is made from a ventilated Pittards leather construction that should keep the hands cool while providing lots of rugged protection and a long shelf-life.


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The gloves are clearly packed with hardware with poly carbonate knuckle pieces to fit into place over the knuckles and provide extra protection along with decals, detailing and a double-layer clarion palm. There’s also a silicone lever grip on the front two fingers which gives you all the manual dexterity you could need while still keeping your hands warm and protected.

Finally, the hook-and-loop closure finishes the gloves off and provides a method that’s easy to operate even with one hand gloved while travelling at high speeds. If you’ve struggled with Velcro straps in the past, you’ll know just what a great feature this is! Easy closure is something to look for in all the best MTB gloves.

Features and Experience

All of this added material and plating gives the impression of a suit of armor for the hands. It’s like slipping on a pair of gauntlets but much cosier and better fitting than that might suggest. Everything is ergonomically designed and slips easily into place and in short, the gloves feel as good as they look.

The ventilation is also a nice touch as it helps to keep the hands nicely cool while you’re riding and means you won’t be sticking your hands into a pocket of cool sweat the next time you put them on! The grip is second-to-none too and in short, everything about this glove screams ‘premium’.

While the red and black is the primary design, you can also choose a number of other colors to match your bike or your outfit. If you prefer, you can choose from two different black designs, a black and white design or a predominantly white look. They all look awesome.


Overall, this is one of the best options out there for any mountain bikers looking to keep their hands warm and safe while also looking the part. These are without question among the best MTB gloves on the market.


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