ODI Rogue Lock-On Grips Review

ODI Rogue Lock-On Grips Review 2017

Any mountain biker knows how important it is to have a great grip on the handlebar. If you don’t, then you not only risk slipping but you’ll also find your hands quickly become red and irritated from holding on to hard and from sliding around.

Problem is, you don’t really know just how good your grips are until you’ve been riding the bike for a while. And that’s why MTB lock-on grips are so important. These simply fit around your handlebars and gives you a firmer grip so that you can ride with confidence.

But how do these MTB lock-on grips stack up against the competition?

Description and Features

ODI has gone for a bold color choice here with lime green. It certainly stands out though and that’s a good thing when you’re travelling fast and fumbling around to find the handles. For those more conservative shoppers meanwhile, there is also a black option.

The grips fit nicely into place and lock-on as advertised and you also get snap cap end plugs to finish off the look.

But that’s not what matters here. What matters here is the performance. Happily, we can report that these MTB lock-on grips deliver in that regard too. The grips feature large raised pads that really do provide a superior grip and great shock absorption. Even in wet weather you will feel as though you have a very firm hold and when you’ve finished a bumpy ride down a steep hill, your hands won’t be throbbing for a long time after.

And that’s pretty much the best you can say for any MTB lock-on grips!


These MTB lock-on grips do exactly what they are supposed to. They look great, feel comfortable and they keep your hands securely fastened and cushioned.

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