ODI Rogue Lock-on Grips | Our Favorite Grip of 2019

In 2017 we reviewed the ODI Rogue Grips in our budge grip line up and we absolutely loved them. Here we are again in 2019 reviewing grips and the ODI Rogue Lock-On’s are still our favorite. Below is a break down of what we love these grips for mountain biking and why you should consider them especially if you are on a budget.

What makes a good mountain bike grip?

Your pedals, seat and handlebar grips are the only 3 points of contact your body has with your bike when your thrashing down a large mountain or trying to make your way up a steep hill these 3 points are crucial. Grips should be your first line of control for your bike and not leave your hands feeling like they just went through a shredder.  Every rider has their own grip preference but we can all agree that a good compound for grip longevity is key.  Along with a product that can last and take some abuse grips that dampen vibration and provide cushioning for those rocky trails are pretty essential.

ODI Rogue MTB Grips
Why we love the ODI Rogue Lock-on Grips

The large raised pads in this grip really make it what it is, the compound is designed to provide maximum shock absorption. With the quality and cushioning of this grip alone, it would be a steal in terms of price but the fact that they are lock-on grips really helps seal the deal in terms of the grips being our favorite even in 2019.

Below is a breakdown of the product features from the OBDI site along with a link to the cheapest place we were able to find these grips.


  • Extra large raised pads provide excellent shock absorption
  • Deep grooves help channel away dirt or debris
  • Lock-On Grip System = 100% Slip Free performance
  • Includes new Snap Cap™ End Plugs
  • Grips available in Black and Lime Green


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