Best MTB Helmet of 2016 Bell Super 2R

A long time favorite now the Bell Super 2R MIPS MTB helmet is a remarkable enduro/all-mountain performance helmet that enables riders to tackle any off-road challenge with confidence and style.

The Super 2R Helmet’s strongest feature bar none is the detachable full-face guard is which allows rookie riders to upgrade a good helmet once their skill levels have advanced. True all-mountain performance is really about being adaptable depending on the trail. Anyone who has had a few bad crashes knows that a full-face guard can be the difference between a small concussion or a trip to the hospital. Having two helmets in one really helps solve this for many riders as a just “incase option”

Another big bonus’s this helmet has is an Overbrow Ventilation system along with TAG fit system and a new breakaway camera mount, that’s just about everything any rider will need to destroy nearby trails.

The Super 2R isn’t all about gimmicky features and a cool looking style either, this helmet comes packed with life-saving technology. MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, this means a low-friction layer between the shell and the helmet liner which lets your helmet slide relative to the head in a wipe out scenarios.

The Bell Super 2R costs around $220 for everything but if your on a budget you can buy the detachable chin-guard later and save about half the price.

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