Scott Sports 2016 Men’s Pro MTB Shoe’s

MTB Pro Men’s Shoes

Looking for a professional shoe that will help you to perform better on your mountain bike? The Scott MTB Pro shoe claims to do just that and in a package that looks mean and sleek. But how does it stack up? Let’s put these MTB shoes through their paces and find out.
Description and Features

The MTB Pro Men’s Shoe is a gorgeous shoe to look at. And when I say gorgeous, I mean it in that kind of ‘boys’ toys’ way – like a sports car or a slick laptop. These shoes look like they’ve come from the Dark Knight’s wardrobe with lots of panels and buckles all in black and gun-metal grey. Certainly stylish but functional?

The good news is that these shoes are every bit as pro as they look. The MTB Pro Men’s Shoe is designed for a slim fit so that it will fit snugly around your foot (make sure to use the measurement chart) and that means that every last bit of energy is transmitted to the pedals. The ratchet buckle ensures you’ll never lose your footwear too, while the ‘ergologic insole’ offers supreme comfort and arch support.
What does that translate to in real-life? Simple: these MTB Shoes fit like a glove, stay in place and let you generate more power as a result.


Overall, the MTB Pro Men’s Shoe is a fantastic choice of footwear for any mountain biking fanatic. It looks the part and performs expertly. Just make sure you do measure up first as this shoe is all about the fit.
Once you get that right, you’ll be taking your performance and your look up a gear. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll be looking for excuses to wear them all the time! These MTB shoes get a full recommendation.

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